Paul Duddy

Thank you for everything you’ve done for Callous Affection, Paul. We miss your energy.

Instagram – @pduddypt

About paul

Currently a Personal Trainer at Pure Gym. Paul’s personal development focusses around body building, hand stands, acrobatics, and kinesthetics. His dance interests have always had large focus on Hip Hop and B-Boy styles, with his Contemporary influences landing largely on floor work and upper body strength.

Lilian and Paul met back in 2013 when they studied together at Falmouth University, performing and working together consistently throughout their time at university. Lilian invited Paul to be her collaborator in forming Callous Affection Dance. The two of them spent 2016-18 working and living together in Brighton, where they worked tirelessly to create a label for the company.

Since working with Lilian, Paul has moved onto to focussing his skills in kinesthetics, and fitness training.