Muerte Amongst Us

Videography – Matt Page
Music – Etched Head Plate by Burial
Current Performers – Lilian Mae Deans Allison, Kuldip Singh-Barmi, Lloyd Lovell and Josh Cook. (Video features past collaborator Helen Lamb)

Muerte Amongst Us is the current work by Callous Affection Dance. It is in phase two of research and development with upcoming performances in 2020 (follow our instagram for regular updates)!

Muerte Amongst Us is a Cabaret, Bauhaus and Day of the Dead inspired contemporary dance theatre piece, using a live drum and bass DJ set, and four moving characters on stage. It pulls together experiences of societal and political pressures, and their affect on mental health, emphasising the arts as a catharsis. By exploring what Callous Affection believe to be a need for better communication within the community, we aim to offer this performance as an example of how the arts can be used to open up the conversations about mental health that we need to be having. In this way, we can become a more supportive and understanding network of individuals, despite the inept and untrustworthy democracy under which we live.

The performance concludes with a rave for all, giving an existential example of the positive effects that greater emotional and artistic freedom and communication could have on our society (rave subject to Covid-19 restrictions).