Lulu Allison

Lulu is Lilian’s mother, and has supported Callous Affection since it was just an idea. Lil and Lulu work closely together developing the current work.

Twitter – @LuluAllison77



About Lulu

Lulu Allison has spent most of her life as a visual artist. She attended Central St Martin’s School of Art, then spent a number of years travelling and living abroad. In 2013 what began as an art project took her into writing and she unexpectedly discovered what she should have been doing all along. Her first novel, Twice the Speed of Dark, was published in November 2017. Her second, Salt Lick, will be published in 2021. She continues to work as an artist and maker, selling through her shop Seventy Seven Seas, and an art teacher with Middle Distance Arts.

Currently she is a project manager for Callous Affection Dance, and is working with the performers creating bespoke costumes from up-cycled or recycled materials.