Lloyd Lovell

Lloyd has been a collaborator of Harry Scott (our Assistant director) for around two years. Lilian made contact with him regarding collaborations with CA this year. We are eagerly awaiting his return to England so we can get to know each other further!

Instagram – @lloydlovell

About Lloyd

A freelance artist and researcher looking closely at our relationship with ourselves and the world around us. Through his growing interests in the science and art of movement, psychology, theatre, energy work and improvisation he is continuously developing research into how we might find a holistic expression of ourselves that is adaptable to any presented context. With the hope of opening our minds to the possibilities and creativity found within the present moment.

Known through his work as a joyful, determined and an outgoing character. He is someone that strives to inspire those around him. With an urge to explore new experiences and boundaries he finds exhilaration in the continuous depths we can dive into. through knowledge and its adaptable application- his passion lies in sharing these explorations. Lloyd has spent his adult life, travelling, performing and learning in a world of different contexts. He continues to live, love and explore.

He and Kuldip Singh-Barmi will be in the studio with Lilian as they under-go a second round of research and development for Muerte Amongst Us, followed by performances in 2021.