Kintsukuroi: Golden Repair

Music Credit : Mount Kimbie – Before I move off
Videography – Vicki Evans
Performance and Choreography – Lilian Mae Deans Allison and Paul Duddy

Footage currently only available through this link.

Kintsukuroi: Golden Repair, was the second i.Glitch project (the first was Et Moi.) Collectively Vicki, Lilian, and Paul CrowdFunded £600 for the filming process, and self-funded the rehearsal & editing periods. The trio travelled to Scotland and filmed on location for five days.

‘Kintsukuroi’ or ‘Kintsugi’: A Japanese method of fixing broken pottery with gold or silver dusted resin, highlighting the cracks rather than hiding them.

Using the ancient Japanese tradition as inspiration and applying this to human relationships, this work focuses on the idea that our scars, our stories, and sometimes even our demons can be what make us beautiful.

The dialogue of movement within the video explores how two ‘broken’ figures can find strength in each others story.

Taking influences from the geisha concept to represent the female character’s constant attempt to perform for others, to hide her true story, and to appear a certain way, she removes her costume and learns how to love what’s underneath the make up, when the male character shows her his own scars.