Katie (Kt) Simpson

Kt has played a major role in the fabrication of Lilian’s ideas over the previous two years, she and Lil have worked closely together creatively. Kt has been mentoring Lilian in both creating work and administration the company since 2019.

http://www.copperdollar.co.uk Photographer – Moose Azim


About Kt

Kt has been working internationally with dance in; circus, cabaret, street theatre and large-scale immersive shows, challenging the boundaries of each individual art form since the mid 1980s. In 2008, Kt created and artistically lead Copperdollar, an immersive performance company that frames visual art in a theatrical setting and enjoys working in close proximity with its audiences.

In 2013, Kt took on a location in Brighton, 22 Montague Street, and headed a team to renovate the building and create Copperdollar Studios – a space for the creative community of the city and beyond. She now works running the space and the events that take place within it. 

She has worked with Lilian on a number of projects in the short time they’ve known one another, most recently to inform the development of current dance theatre work ‘Muerte Amongst Us’ for performances in 2021.