Et Moi

Music Credit – Et Moi by Nym
Videography – Vicki Evans
Performance and Choreography – Lilian Mae Deans Allison and Paul Duddy

Et Moi was performed and choreographed by Lilian and Paul Duddy and was filmed & edited by Vicki Evans. It was a self-funded project taking place over a month during 2015, and released in February 2016. Itt was during this time that Callous Affection Dance and dance film collective i.Glitch, were first formed.

Choreographed in Brighton and then filmed over a day around London streets, Et Moi focuses on the nature of co-existing within crowded communities. Our decision to seek individuality, or to blend in, the miscommunications we face daily, and our attempts to establish ‘self’ amongst the ‘many’.

Et Moi, Nym – English Translation (Source – Google Translate):

That i am an angel

May i be a devil

It’s also unbearable

My heart is foreign

Music always changes him

Black and white notes

These songs that my voice cries

Are not mine

They wrap around

And me

And me

And I love you, my dark dream

As between their walls

The prisoners leave

And me

And me

And me