Our Story

Lil and Paul during Midsummer Dance Festival 2018 Tech Rehearsal

Creative Director Lilian Mae Deans Allison formed Callous Affection Dance upon completing her degree in 2016, where she graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Dance Performance from Falmouth AMATA.

Lil’s friend and collaborator Paul Duddy helped her build the company during the earlier year from a property close to Brighton sea front. During this time the pair both worked full time in a call centre and as a domestic cleaner, whilst choreographing late at night and over the weekends.

Partying and dancing along Brighton sea front became part of the practice in some ways. In a city that is widely defined by its connection to the Arts, Nightlife and the Ocean they both used a gym and partied at a club situated on the beach side, worked in the city centre and lived on a hill together with a full sea view.

When Paul began pursuing his own routes towards personal training and callisthenics, Lil chose to use the change as an opportunity to create the Amidst events. Using National Lottery funding to create events that benefit both artists and audiences. Sharing multi genre performances and arts with a diverse and deserving community.

Currently Lil is working to develop plans for both Amidst and Callous Affections current Movement Theatre production – Muerte Amongst Us. Moving forward with strong belief that now more than ever it is artists job to encourage and share the healthy, communicative and supportive network that can be found within the arts & culture celebration.