Muerte Amongst Us: Costume Design Sketches (Lilian AKA The Human)

Jumpsuit representing ‘fighting gear’. Hair and makeup imitating Festival and Rave style. Makeup in the same colours as the DJ’s makeup, to represent and reflect the feeling of optimism, power, and resilience. The Human is experiencing a conflict of emotions were she is battling with her negative and harmful thoughts. She enters into a dream world where she meets face to face with two elements of her own mind (The Tool and The Anxiety). The DJ is present to over-see her journey.

Muerte Amongst Us: Costume Design Sketches (Kuldip AKA The Anxiety)

Strands covering face and long sleeves with tally marks on them representing all of people’s lives he has taken control over. His hat imitates Lloyds collar, it is as if The Anxiety has taken a hat and thrust down onto The Tool’s head in an act of kidnap. This costume has taken influences from Santa Muerte, The Joker, The Mask, and Bauhaus costume design. The Anxiety is bored with power, and turned evil through boredom he wants to play games with The Human.

Muerte Amongst Us: Costume Design Sketches (Lloyd AKA The Tool)

Collar imitates The Anxiety’s hat, this is supposed to represent shackles around his neck, holding him like a hopeless Jester, under the grip of The Anxiety’s relentless power and fury. This costume takes inspiration from Bauhaus costume design, and The Pierrot Troupes of WW1. Despite his shackles he feels uncontrollable empathy, and lulls The Human into a false sense of security.

Learning to Live through Dancing

Having always been passionate about dancing and poetry, and having grown up to pursue a career in the arts.  An opportunity to help others find a way in, or intact just spark an interest is something always intrigues me. Personally I struggled with making my way through high school education, and if it wasn’t for people who saw my passion for art, kept me interested, and kept reminding me of the importance of art in each of our lives I’d perhaps not still be discovering my way through it’s magic during adult life. I genuinely believe that through sharing and making art work we can keep remembering and keep discovering why it is wonderful to live a human existence. We can remind ourselves to stick together, to go easy on each other at a time of such judgment, and to appreciate the individuality of all of us.

Why Dance?

Why move? Why Dance? My question is how could somebody not allow themselves the opportunity to rejoice at least every now and again? Us Dancers have chosen to spend everyday possible rejoicing in the beauty that is the human mind and body.

  Think for a moment about that individual. The complex mind, under the extreme amounts of pressure that most of us put ourselves under, tied together with this insane, spectacle of a vessel that has been forced to sit in an office chair day in day out, or has been slightly crippled under the strain of labour. The most amazing form of therapy that I personally can think of is to embrace this relationship our minds and bodies have with each other by dancing- to music, in silence, with a friend, f***ed on drugs, or completely alone. What ever. It does not matter. You are as mad and wonderful as the next one, whether you like it or not, and you deserve to dance.