Why Dance?

Why move? Why Dance? My question is how could somebody not allow themselves the opportunity to rejoice at least every now and again? Us Dancers have chosen to spend everyday possible rejoicing in the beauty that is the human mind and body.

  Think for a moment about that individual. The complex mind, under the extreme amounts of pressure that most of us put ourselves under, tied together with this insane, spectacle of a vessel that has been forced to sit in an office chair day in day out, or has been slightly crippled under the strain of labour. The most amazing form of therapy that I personally can think of is to embrace this relationship our minds and bodies have with each other by dancing- to music, in silence, with a friend, f***ed on drugs, or completely alone. What ever. It does not matter. You are as mad and wonderful as the next one, whether you like it or not, and you deserve to dance.

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